ASRM regenerative medicine
Competency Certification (rmCC) Course

Course Mission

The American Board of Regenerative Medicine (ABRM) recognizes the need for the standardization of the knowledge base and competence for members of the Regenerative Medicine allied health care team (RN, LPN, MA, PT, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Osteopathy-UK). The Regenerative Medicine Competency Certification (RMCC) course provides competency training and certification to allied health professionals involved in the practice of Regenerative Medicine. RMCC courses provide core knowledge modules of the science and practice of Regenerative Medicine at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. The courses are designed to sequentially build a knowledge foundation to allow students to understand and verbalize basic and advanced scientific concepts pertaining to all aspects of Regenerative Medicine. This core training will foster comprehension, competence and confidence for its graduates. RMCC courses will set a new standard for Regenerative Medicine practices. All modules are taught in an on-line format. Successful graduates who achieve passing scores on the written examination will be awarded a Competency Certificate at the respective level (basic, intermediate, advanced).

RMCC Course Levels

Level I: Basic Competency Course

This course is designed to introduce the basic concepts of Regenerative Medicine over a wide range of topics. A broad range of scientific concepts are introduced at a sufficient depth to provide a starting knowledge base for higher level certification courses. The graduate will be familiar with the core basic and clinical science concepts which form the basis of modern Regenerative Medicine technologies and treatments. The broad range of medical specialties providing Regenerative Medicine treatments will be introduced. This will provide the student with a better understanding of the breadth of the specialty and their individual science and technology aspects.

RMCC Course

Level II: Intermediate Competency Course

The intermediate course level is designed for graduates of the RMCC Level I course. The course builds on the basic concepts introduced in Level I. Specifically, basic and clinical sciences in Regenerative Medicine are presented at a more comprehensive level to challenge the students and foster a more advanced understanding. Students will become more apt at using proper terminology and concepts in Regenerative Medicine.

Level III Advanced Competency Course:

The advanced competency course is a Masters Course designed for select graduates of the Level I and II competency courses. This course is taught at a similar level as the AABRM Board Certification course for physicians and scientists. The successful graduate will be in the unique position to have received a similar knowledge base as the physician and scientist graduates of the formal Board Certification course in Regenerative Medicine. The successful graduate will have to pass a comprehensive written examination process.

rmCC Course Syllabus

Level I Basic Competence Course Syllabus:

  • Module I: Introduction to Regenerative Medicine
  • Module II: Introduction to Stem Cell Science
  • Module III: Introduction to Clinical Sciences in Regenerative Medicine
  • Certification Exam – 50 questions

Level II Intermediate Competency Course Syllabus:

  • Module I: Advanced Concepts of the Basic Sciences in Regenerative Medicine
  • Module II: Advanced Concepts of the Clinical Sciences in Regenerative Medicine
  • Module III: Concepts of Tissue Engineering
  • Module IV: Concepts of Immunotherapy and Gene Therapy
  • Certification Exam – 50 questions