ABRM Board Certification Course

An in-depth module based review of Regenerative Medicine
from the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine

Accredited for 13.5 AMA PRA Category I TM CME Credits by ASRM

SELf-Paced Course

The ABRM Board Certification Review course is offered as a self-paced course option where participants are provided with all of the course materials and may study at their own time. 

The ABRM Board Certification Review Course is designed to educate physicians in a comprehensive, evidence based manner as a global Regenerative Medicine specialist. Course subjects pertain to all subdisciplines of Regenerative Medicine as well as a broad overview of knowledge subjects pertaining to basic and clinical sciences in the field.

The ABRM Board Certification Review Course can also be completed as a Regenerative Medicine Review Course by physicians, scientists and other healthcare professionals who are not participating in the ABRM board certification process.

The Self Paced Course Option is available on an ongoing basis.

This course is meant for ABRM board eligible physicians and scientists only. Please contact us at certification@aabrm.org before registering for the course.  

Registration link:
ABRM BC Course

Certification Requirements

  1. 1. Minimum of 1 year experience in the practice (physicians) or science (Ph.D.) of Regenerative Medicine.
  2. 2. Minimum of 10% of practice (physicians) or research (Ph.D.) dedicated to Regenerative Medicine.
  3. 3. Successful review of Regernerative Medicine Case Log consisting of a minimum of 20 cases from the previous 12 months.
  4. 4. Successful completion of the ABRM Written Examination.
  5. Please review all eligibility and certification requirements!

Course Modules

Module 1: History of Regenerative Medicine            (1.0 hours)

Module 2: Nomenclature and Definitions in Regenerative Medicine                                                 (1.5 hours)

Module 3 Basic Sciences in Regenerative Medicine (3.0 hours)                                    

Module 4: Clinical Sciences                                         (10.0 Hours)

Musculoskeletal RM, Neurological RM, Cardiac RM, Pulmonary RM, Endocrine RM, Plastic/Reconstructive RM, Gastrointestinal RM, Urologic/Reproductive RM, Ophthalmologic RM, Hematologic RM

Module 5: Tissue Engineering, Immunotherapy, Gene Therapy                                                           (3.0 hours)

Module 6: Regulatory Sciences                                  (1.0 hours)